Thomas Wellness Group's flagship
sports equipment brand
Leader in the Fitness sector
If there is one thing that characterizes us,
it is our love for sports.
Even more important, we admire every athlete.
What do all athletes have in common?
An attitude. It's called evergy. Are you evergy?

We are evergy

Evergy is an attitude. Are you evergy?
  • Over 15.000
    satisfied clients
  • Over 3.000
    projects undertaken
  • Technical Service
    and Assembly
  • Design
    and dedication

What is Evergy?

Evergy is a character, a trait of your personality. A lifestyle that characterizes athletes. Strength, humility, effort, constancy without limits. Think of a successful athlete, what are the adjectives that define them? That is Evergy. The energy you scream at the last effort of your workout, the strength you draw from somewhere in your body when you think you've lost it. After realizing that Evergy was present in each and every fit person we met, we realized what they needed. We put ourselves on the road and here we are. This is a path we want to walk with you.

Why evergy?

We wanted to be interested in the concerns of our customers and we managed to find out what are the keys for a sports equipment brand to succeed: quality, functionality, innovation, differentiation and exceptional service. These are the features that we take as a standard to offer the best service.

  • Customer

    We know what your customers need and we are willing to work on a common project. Together we will take care of the most important details such as trust and active listening.

  • Differentiation and

    Our products have been developed and tested by professionals who guarantee their quality. Thanks to the feedback from our customers we are constantly evolving, working to improve our portfolio.

  • Warranty and

    We are committed to the highest quality. All our products have a one-year warranty for professional use. However, we offer durability proven in our years of experience.